Friday, May 18, 2007


Carlin emailed twice yesterday. He asked Kristen to marry him, and she said yes! He took her up to Pittock Mansion in Portland, the location of their first date, and proposed there. He's so romantic. The Pittock family were newspaper barons and the city later bought the house and extensive grounds, restored it, and it's used as a park and wedding venue. It's pretty flash. Apparently, when Carlin and Kristen went there for their first date, it was muddy and wet - so muddy that Kristen's shoes were ruined and she had to throw them away. They managed to have a good time together in spite of the soggy mess, so it must have been true love. Aahhh.

Besides getting engaged, Carlin & Kristen both graduated today - he with a Bachelor's in Music and she with a teaching degree. I wasn't there for the graduation ceremony but his little brother and his grandma were. Grandma even gave him a graduation quilt which is a really special tradition of hers.

Kristen's family is from Phoenix, so the wedding will be there in October or November. I am excited to start making plans for us to travel to the wedding. It'll be another chance for the whole fam damily to get together. The brothers will all be in the wedding party, wearing tuxedos and looking handsome. Nolan says if he's the Best Man, he wants to listed as Best Bud in the program.

Now Grandma has to start making them a wedding quilt!

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